Spotify Kids, the new app designed for kids

Spotify announced Tuesday the launch of Spotify Kids, an application for children over three years old so they can listen to their own music. 

This online music space allows children to listen to music without advertising and safety, because songs with inappropriate lyrics for a young audience are banned. 

Through the app, little music lovers can also explore playlists prepared specifically for them by humans, not by algorithms, and discover the pieces recommended by experts. 

According to Spotify, people editing playlists all have experience in the field of children’s entertainment. For example, they worked for Disney, Nickelodeon or Discovery Kids. 

Songs, stories and soon podcasts

The proposed reading lists have been composed to accompany certain moments of the day such as the bedtime or the moments of play.

Some playlists are about an artist, a style of music or a movie. 

Spotify Kids also offers children the opportunity to listen to stories. Subsequently, Spotify also offers podcasts designed for small. 

The colorful and fun design of the application has been designed to adapt to the age of the child. 

In the future, parents will be able to set up Spotify Kids according to their preferences and the needs of their children. 

Spotify Kids is only available to paid family members of Spotify, which costs $ 14.99 per month in Canada.

For now, the application is only available in Ireland, in beta. It will be available in other countries in the coming months.

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